Introducing brenco

Brenco is an Algerian consulting and engineering firm specialized in market intelligence, business modelling, design thinking and supporting organizations that want to develop human-centric strategies in their decisions making.
Over the past 5 years, Brenco has demonstrated a strong commitment to participate to the development of Algerian start-up ecosystem, through the detection and support of entrepreneurs in the digital, agri-food and recycling industries.
For Brenco, today’s children must and will be the green and social entrepreneurs of the future. Brenco has therefore decided to integrate people and nature into training activities and concrete projects it has undertaken.
Since 2017 Brenco has trained more than 1500 young students in design thinking, business modelling, green entrepreneurship and business creation on a voluntary basis.
Brenco develops partnerships with Algerian and regional actors in order to increase its capacity to support entrepreneurs, enabling them to participate in international training, exchanges, competitions and fundraising activities

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