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Qualitative and quantitative market research, opinion polls, focus proups. mystery shopping surveys, marketing feasibility studies and social and economic researches are all decision-making tools for any organization. For new projects, market study is the best way to test an idea and reduce uncertainty and control risks it is the best way to know your chances of success before you start We put at your disposal all our skills in this field.


Digital, a trend or blah; blah, blah, blah? Let's talk about it in concrete terms digital is a fact More than 20 million Algerians on Facebook since 2018 More than 28 million mobile internat subscriptions since 2016, 83% of Algerians under 60 years of age have a smartphone since 2016 Explosion of the professions and specialties of the web and digital. Faced with this digital revoluton, the sustainability of companies ,refusing this change,is threatened. We pul al your disposal all our skills in this field.


In e rapidly changing context, accelerated by new technologies, the renewal of ways of designing, and especially of thinking, must adapt to it. It-is by appropriating the elements of our environment with agility and by going off the beaten track that we can innovate in the way we understand and respond to our problems We support you in the conceptualization of your new products services tocused on your internal or external customers and their needs.

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The Office Digital Market Place des Espaces​

www.eOfice.digitalis a platformas well as a mobile application that will allow you to find a space to work, organise a meeting or an event anywhere in Algeria. The application is also a way to make your spaces profitable by putting them into rental on the platform. "See Your Space Differently"

RightNow By Brenco CRM Mobile Apps & SAAS is a white-label cloud solution (Mobile APP & SaaS) that will allow you to offer a new UX useriexperience to your Customers or Citizens through this communication channel that everyone wants to ""Mobile First User" RightNow By Brenco will allow your teams to manage all this via a SaaS designated for this purpose."'Make Your Strategy Data Driven"

Dalti Solution Queue Management System is a white-label cloud solution (Mobile App & SaaS) that will allow you to manage your appointments, waiting rooms, waiting daughters as well as your agenda for your internal or external customers. "Your Living Room Our Best Waiting Room"

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